Thursday, March 29, 2012


These are some of the pendants from the other week that I sat down and had a bit of a play with.
All wrapped in Argentium sterling silver, two have the addition of stunning little metallic faceted rondelle beads.

And here sees me playing with new techniques again. The first picture is what happens when things don't go to plan ~ dichroic poo!! They looked awful!
Gary has always said you can't make strawberry jam from pig sh*t, but in this instance I beg to differ!! LOL.
The second picture is the first of the refiring ~ aiming for a major resurrection. Two more firings, a bit more glass and the cabs in the following pictures are some of the results. I have more done now, just waiting on good light to get some more pictures.

Now I'm off to list a few pendants in my Artfire studio and then back to the pliers :^)

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