Thursday, March 22, 2012


Recently I took part in a Spring swap with a group of artists on FB. Most of them are based in the US, hence the "Spring" theme.
This is the piece that I did to send to my swap partner.
"Persephone" was the goddess queen of the underworld. She was also the goddess of spring growth. That's where the idea for this was born.
I've made it with pure copper wire and even though it was dead soft, it was a killer on my hands by the time it was done!! Sometimes I really doubt my sanity!! LOL.
I used somewhere in the vicinity of 11 metres of 20g wire and about 3 metres of 18g wire, and just a small amount of 14g for the hanger.
These aren't the clearest pictures in the world, but you'll get the idea :^)
**if you right click the picture and "open in new window or tab" you will get a slightly larger version.

I also made a little pendant for my swap partner's daughter to go with it. That's the rose quartz and silver one below. The copper earrings were an order to match a necklace I'd done ages ago.

Two new bracelet and earrings sets, and a bracelet, pendant and matching earrings in my favourite blue shaded glass.

And then on to playing with "experiments"!!
The orange and red cabs were a layering and multiple firing technique I hadn't tried before. I'm very happy with how they worked and more colour combos will follow when I get some more suitable colours in. The second picture is a very high firing technique which results in the "window" effect you see here. These are waiting to be wired up.
Some more pendants with channels around the outer edges, also waiting for wire and half a dozen glossy guys waiting for decals.
And that was pretty much my week and a half!!
All going well I'll have quite a few wired up and ready to go pendants next week and maybe some new glass pieces too :^)

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