Sunday, April 08, 2012


Rather belatedly I have some more pendants and cabs that have been finished.

I got majorly sidetracked this week getting an order ready for a gallery in Victoria. It had to be there before Easter and I really had my doubts as to whether I could or not. I am most pleased to say I did it, it arrived in time and my first piece sold pretty well as it was being unpacked. Pretty happy with that!!
If I can get a clear run this afternoon doing photos, there will be some more cabs coming.

These pendants have been wired up using Argentium silver, some copper and one bronze.

With these cabs, I think a few will end up having bails added to them and I will then add them to my Artfire studio. These ones have the screen printed decals fired into the glass.

A few of these cabs will probably also have bails added in the coming days.

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend!!

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