Sunday, October 16, 2011


More about the new friend later :^)

I have some new pieces that are for sale and also some pieces that were done for orders.
I didn't feel like I had done very much this week, but looking at all the pieces in front of me now I don't feel so bad!!
Just a few with the glue on bails ~ I had some playtime with my wire and pliers this week too ~ that was fun!!!

Earrings finished off to match pendants I already had done.

One of these hearts could possibly be for an order, just waiting to hear back about them.

Two more Funky Chick pendants, not quite as dimensional as the last lot, but I still think they're a bit of fun!!

And finally a set for an order ~ just waiting for the bails on the earring to cure properly so I can add ear wires, and a pair of earrings (also ordered) to go with the pendant from last week.

And what of my new mate?? The other day my newest tool arrived from the U.S. ~ Nick's grinder mate. It might be Nick's mate, but it's my newest BESTEST friend!! I can't believe how much easier this nifty bright blue clamp contraption has made it for me to hold and grind quite small pieces of fused glass. 6 & 1/2 hours on the grinder and hardly a twinge in my falling to bits hands....YAHOO!!!

And now it's off to the Land of Nod for me ~ a big day coming up tomorrow ~ post office early and then listing, listing, listing pieces on Artfire!


Steve Smith said...

Hi fellow glass melter. Really love your colourful work. I bet they fly off the shelves.

lynette said...

Hi Steve and thank you kindly :^) cheers ~ Lyn.