Monday, October 24, 2011


Here are my newest pieces for this week and a few of my Christmas decorations that have been wired up. There are more decorations in the works, but I ran out of wire so am patiently waiting for the impending arrival of said same :^)
The kiln gremlins got me again this week ~ this time with earrings I was doing for orders. So it will be back to the drawing/cutting board for those. I'm thinking it might be a case of less haste more

7 engraved pendants I had a bit of fun with and a little Pick Up Stix set in gorgeous red colours.
I just went where my muse led me :^)

Two new Funky Chicks ~ this time they fired up EXACTLY how I wanted them to!!
The one on the left is a bit shorter than previously done. The one on the right is for an order.

Some of the Christmas decorations I wired up the other night. As I said there will be more coming. And possibly some little wreath ones too, I'll just see how I go.

That's it for the minute from me ~ have a fantabulous week everyone!!!

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