Saturday, August 06, 2011


Another relatively quiet week on the home front ~ hospital visits and doctor's appointments severely cut into my creativity. I will be very happy (as no doubt will Gary) when life finally gets back to normal!! He is getting a mite frustrated not being able to do very much.

I did manage to get a little bit done ~ a couple of small pendant & earring sets, some pendants and some wireworked pieces as well.
This first set is satin and glossy dichroic glass with a touch of engraving, the second set is clear capped and full on glossy in a gorgeous patterned glass.

These next two are also clear capped.

More of the brilliant glossy red glass with silver and black.
This last piece (not the best photo sorry ~ the light disappeared on me!) is a slide pendant in plain white, but very beautiful dichro. The dotted lines show where the channel runs through the glass, so it can have just a chain or choker threaded through or be used in a beaded creation.

I do have more pictures to add, and I will take and edit the photos first thing tomorrow morning. By the time I'd finished polishing everything this afternoon it was too late to get decent photos.

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