Sunday, August 07, 2011


These are the pictures of the pieces finished yesterday.

These pendants combine antiqued sterling silver, copper and my glass. The pendants hang really well and have lots of movement. I may possibly make matching mixed metal earrings.

The glass in this set is the same as the small set from yesterday ~ it is just so pretty!!
I have cut a very narrow channel around these pieces and wrapped them with sterling silver wire.

Two of my dimensional wreath shaped pendants, both wrapped with sterling. The white one is much more freeform and organic looking than the pink one. I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite style...

A rather decent sized dichroic / art glass pendant suspended from a heavy antiqued copper bail.

And finally an idea I have been playing with for a while. The pendant frame is hinged at the bottom ~ the idea being the cab can be swapped out for totally different looks.
I think the idea has great merit and will be playing more in the coming weeks with different design ideas.

That's it for me this week ~ hope your week is a fun one!!!

p.s. I am currently in the throes of listing quite a few different earrings in my Artfire studio, they should all good to go by this afternoon if you feel like popping in and having a look :^)


Lindsey said...

Your wire-wrapping really finishes it off, what a bunch of beautiful pieces!


lynette said...

Thanks Lindsey ~ these are way fun to do :^)