Sunday, July 31, 2011


Not my most prolific week every, but I am pretty happy with what I did manage to get done :^)
I have listed 7 pendant and earring sets in my Artfire studio and will try to keep listing new pieces every couple of days.

I had a wonderful day engraving on Friday and these are the pieces that came out of the kiln on Saturday morning . I was over the moon when I unloaded the kiln!!
Pink and purple are ALWAYS a favourite with me! The squared off pink flower is the prettiest colour ~ as it catches the light it reflects a very soft green.

This stripey one is way more vibrant for real!! And the next one goes from a hint of pink in the gold through to a gorgeous green ~ I think this is just about my favourite glass to use.

The curvy triangle is an awesome colour ~ it is super metallic and the shading of the background glass is just so pretty. This next pendant looks a bit ordinary in the picture, but in real life actually looks almost 3 dimensional.

Two Bubble Flower sets ~ I love both colour combos! The silver set has a very soft lavender cast and the deep cherry bubbles work really well with the colour.

The red in these next two is the full on bright red, much brighter than the picture.

Playing around layering colours with different art glass and dichro. The first two are quite small ~ about 27mm long.

And lastly this week I got a chance to play with some wire :^) Not the greatest pictures in the world, they need to be redone. The antique brass chain and the hand made artisan bead were purchased, everything else was made by me. It looks pretty nice on too! I think I will make a few more and then add a finished necklace section to my Artfire studio.

Have a fantastic week everyone!!


Anonymous said...

your work is fab!!! I would have been excited, too, if I opened my kiln to see those beautiful pieces. Really, totally awesome.

lynette said...

Thank you very much "anonymous" :^)

Lisa Linderman said...

That rectangular pendant you said is so much more vibrant, with the "M" shape at the you still have it? Cuz if you do, I would like to buy it. :) Beautiful.

lynette said...

Thanks on it's way :^) cheers Lyn.