Saturday, July 23, 2011


For now...
I have a few photos to upload here, but due to an unexpected sojourn to the Gold Coast hospital I have been slightly delayed in getting them edited.
No not me ~ I'm all fine and dandy, if not a tiny bit stressed.
I was going to tell you all the why's and wherefore's but that'll take forever and bore you senseless.
Wonder boy came off a ladder backwards yesterday afternoon and instead of landing on his nice soft bum, put his arm out to break his fall (as you do).
So what happened? A fractured radius and scaphoid bone in his right arm :^( No work for 6 ~ 8 weeks!
I will be back tomorrow with some pictures ~ a few sets, a couple of orders and if I get them done tonight ~ a couple of new pendants that I have yet to wire up.
Catch U later ~ I need to go and tend to the needy .. lol :^)

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