Sunday, July 24, 2011


Here are my newest pendants, a couple of orders and W.I.P's.
The first 8 pieces are all variations of my PickUpStix pendants. Matching earrings for these are all available and they won't be too far away :^)

This next set is a really gorgeous, very metallic looking lime green.

These next two pairs of earrings are custom orders for T.M. to match existing pendants.

And these are the pendants ~ works in progress that I am going to attempt to wire up this afternoon if I can get a little bit of quiet time. I'm not too sure how yet, nor what type of metal I will use ~ I'm hoping as I come to each one they will tell me!!
If anyone has any queries, please don't hesitate to shoot me off an email or FB message and providing Bigpond is working at the time I will get straight back to you. We've been having a few "issues" the last couple of days and it's pretty hit and miss!! GGGRRRR!!!!

Have a great weekend all!! I'm off to the shops to stock up on stuff for the walking wounded's lunches and snacks..

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