Sunday, April 10, 2011


At least for the time being!
Here are the four pendants I have listed for auction on eBay this week.
These will be my last ones for a while as I am having a bit of a break from eBay.
I've had a couple of fantastic years there, met some great people and had a lot of fun, but I think the time has come for a change of pace.
I could be back later this year, but at this stage I'm not too sure which way I will go.
I will still be making new pieces and doing custom orders every week and sharing them here.
My intention is to get my ArtFire Studio up and running to it's full potential ~ I have lots of ideas for new pendants and cabs as well as finished pieces of jewellery.
And then there is also my artwork ~ I would dearly love to get some of that listed too :^)
It may be a little confusing at first ~ ArtFire is listed in US$ but PayPal handles the conversion stuff for you, so it's really quite easy. Any questions and I'm only an email away :^)
A big thank you to those that have supported me on eBay and I hope you will pop in and visit my ArtFire Studio.
At the moment there is not a great deal listed, but over the coming weeks I hope to change that!! If there is anything you would like to see ~ please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do :^)



Anonymous said...

What a lovely looking blog! I'm do enjoying the lovely pendant I purchased from you on eBay. I too have left eBay after a number of very successful years there.

I switched over to Artfire for a while. I then came upon a new handmade website called Zibbet. It's being developed by some sharp young minds in Sydney, Australia. It is less cluttered than the Artfire pages and the listing process is so much faster (plus you can copy a listing which Artfire doesn't have.) In addition, they are in the midst of some major upgrades to the site which will make it even better than it is now.
You can have a free store there, or go for their premium store ($69/year) which works out to $5.75 month.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of info with you! Best wishes for many sales - your items are beautiful!!

Elsie (North Vancouver BC)

lynette said...

Thank you Elsie :^)
And thanks for the heads up about Zibbet ~ I will definitely check it out.
cheers ~ Lyn.