Saturday, April 09, 2011


It was definitely a pretty quiet one on the finished pieces front!!
I did manage to get a heap of pieces into my ArtFire studio so very happy about that :^)
I actually got in excess of 40 cabs cut and fired (first firing) this week, but most are waiting for either the grinder or to have little golden decals added and then to be refired. It's a promising start for next week anyway!!
I revisited a previous technique with quite a few of these pieces this week and I'm very happy with the final result.
This first cab is quite large to say the least ~ 34mm x 45mm, but it is sooooo pretty in real life!!
The circular one is 34mm across.

Another big baby ~ 36mm x 42mm ~ the colours in this are just stunning!!

And a few new pendants.
Pretty much the same technique as the first two cabs, but just using different types of glass.

These three little square pendants are so much nicer "for real" ~ fairly simple with just a touch of colour :^)
And the last piece ~ a slide pendant in a very unusual colour combination!! I've photographed this on a silver chain, but I'm thinking a gold one or even black neoprene or leather might look a bit nicer (??)

Well that's it from me tonight ~ I think a quick visit to see what's happening in the world of FaceBook and then I might have an early night!!
Good night world!!

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