Saturday, April 16, 2011


It's funny (weird) ~ it was one of those weeks where I didn't feel like I done very much, but I did actually manage to finish off a couple of orders and a few stock pendants as well.
This is them :^)
Quite a few with either hand painted gold or silver lustre, some with little golden critters and some with holes drilled to either be wired up or sold "as is" for anyone that would like to do it for themselves.

The two blue/green multi coloured triangular ones are whoppers!! They're 65mm across.

And these last two pictures are an order for TM to match existing pendants.
There were a couple of other pairs of earrings too, but some dill used the wrong glass!!
Back to the cutting board for me!!

I got some really good news yesterday ~ my old kiln is just about brand new again and will be coming home next week!!! YAY!!! It will be sooooooo good ~ it will now fire heaps hotter, so will open a few new doors for me experimenting with a few things I couldn't do previously.

And now I'm going to drag my sore and sorry little backside off to bed!! Actually my backside is fine (a bit big!! LOL) I'm fighting an abscess under one of my teeth and I have so much codeine running through my system at the moment I'm just about falling sideways off my seat!!
Tomorrow is a new day and fingers crossed I wake up without a sore mouth!!


DichroDave said...

Gorgeous looking pendants! You've really done a nice job of showing so much detail!

lynette said...

Thanks very much Dichro Dave ~ cheers ~ Lyn.