Saturday, April 02, 2011


The Delphi Art Glass Festival is on once more.
The number of entries across all categories is phenomenal!!
If you would like to go online and see mine and all the other entries, you can just click HERE.
There is a drop down box that has all the different categories listed ~ if you have a bit of time to kill, check it out!!
There is an amazing piece called "Torso" in the sculpture section and another called "Dot Pot" that is an absolute ripper!!
In the mosaic section there is a panel called "Tropic Dreams" ~ that was made by a friend of mine called Cathy and it is just gorgeous!!!

This is my entry ~ AVALON.
Fused dichro and art glass.
Lovingly hand wrapped in a lot of sterling silver wire.
And finished off with a hand made (by me) chain.

And a few extra pics ~ this is my baby on it's journey into being :^)
It's amazing how different the silver looks before it is antiqued!!


Anonymous said...

Just lovely, Lynette. You are such a wizard! Good luck with your entry. Kerryn.

lynette said...

Thanks HEAPS Kerryn :^)
Fingers are crossed XX XX

Gayle said...

How Lovely! Looks like it took quite a commitment of time for this piece, but it turned out wonderful!

lynette said...

Thank you Gayle!!
There were definitely a few days and broken fingernails invested in this one :^)