Saturday, April 02, 2011


A bit of a mad dash at the end of this week to get a few pieces done, but I got there in the end :^)
Firstly a couple of the art glass/dichro cabochons. Number one is quite large and the colours are just stunning! The second one is a baby by comparison, but if you like lime green and golden colours, this one is really pretty.

These next two have been drilled so they can be wired or beaded. The one on the left has a bit of a hiccup that magikally appeared in the final firing, so I guess it will be mine. It's an awesome colour combo and could very well end up being something along the lines of my competition piece.

Still in the same glass but as different as chalk is to cheese ~ two quite petite pendants.

Yesterday afternoon just for a bit of R&R I had some fun with my little bubble pendants.

Quarter time at the footy is just about over, so best be getting back ~ sad as it is!!
The new Gold Coast team is getting a flogging of epic proportions :^(
I hope everyone is having a great weekend.......

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