Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here are my four auction pieces I currently have up and running on eBay.
This very first one is another of the multi layered dichro and art glass pieces. I think this is my favourite colour combination so far, the colours in this are just so pretty together :^)
The photograph really does not do the next pendant justice! The sparkle that this one has is stunning and the pink engraved sections have a beautiful greenish cast to them as they catch the light. I've also used a sterling bail here and this comes complete with a sterling silver chain.

From soft and pretty to bright and bold!
The colours in the red/orange engraved pendant are very intense, again much brighter than the camera will show!!
And finally one of my little engraved Victorian patchwork pieces. I used to love doing this with fabric and I really enjoy doing these with glass!! Lots of different colours and a lot of fun!!

That's all from me at the moment ~ I hope you're all having a great week!!


all by hale said...

Super all of them. they'r like patchwork..

lynette said...

Thank you :^)