Saturday, December 04, 2010

A busy week...

A very busy week, but not a lot to share here yet.
I've been madly trying to get custom work sorted and it IS progressing well ~ I'm sure I'll get there in the end!!
I have truckloads waiting patiently by the grinder ~ more hours in a day would be VERY handy!!
The first four photos are little cabs all in newly delivered glass. It's a great way to see how colours fire up :^)

Just a couple of the art glass/dichro pieces, hopefully there will be another delivery for me this coming week and I will be able to get some more made up.

A couple of "green" pendants ~ as different as chalk is to cheese!!

These two may possibly be for an order ~ not too sure yet.

These earrings are the exact same glass as a previous pendant, just cut from different parts of the sheet. One of these pairs may also be taken if suitable..

A variation of my Falling leaves pendant and another Mosaic Garden pendant.

And lastly earrings to match existing already sold pendants.

That's it from me for now ~ off to have my dinner :^)

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