Thursday, December 09, 2010

My last auction for 2010...

These six pieces will be my last auction listed for this year.
I was going to run just one more, but the way our postal service is running (it isn't!!) I highly doubt any pieces posted the week before Christmas will arrive at their destination ~ unless of course I hand deliver them myself!
So over the course of this next week I will be adding new pieces to my ArtFire Studio and some to my eBay shop.
I will still post new pieces here on my blog and possibly on FaceBook too, and as always you can get them directly from me ~ all it takes is an email :^)

Off to answer a couple of emails & then cut some more glass :^) enjoy your day/night!!


weirdlywired said...

I love ALL of it!!!

lynette said...

Thanks heaps Ang XXOO