Monday, November 29, 2010

eBay Auction pieces for this week...

These are the six pendants that started at auction on eBay yesterday morning.
There are some absolute stunners, even if I do say so myself :^)

The very first one here is a variation of a donut shape. I'm thinking a better name is in order for this shape, but at this moment in time I can't for the life of me think of one...any suggestions?
OK, back to what I have here :^)
The colours in this "whatever" shape you care to call it one are stunning! It's silver and a funny grey/blue like washed out denim. When it catches the light though it glows with a gorgeous soft magenta colour. This one has a wired bail in Argentium silver.
Next in line is another with the "new" glass. It amazes me how using really high tech type glass and rather warm temperatures can make something that really has a very old fashioned feel to it. This reminds me of a gorgeous, soft & misty type Impressionist painting. I LOVE playing with this glass!!

The next one is an engraved Spicks & Specks piece. You can't tell from looking at the photos, but the glossy red is almost like a window into another dimension. This has a lot of depth.
Pretty in Pink is an "almost" dimensional pendant ~ not quite smooth, not as dimensional as some. It's quite large, the engraved pink bits are quite metallic looking and the sparkly sections are SUPER sparkly!!

More of the little flower murrine in combination with engraved sections ~ I love the contrast between the different sections and the green/blue I have used is a stunning colour that works really well with all the flower colours.
Number six is a variation of my own favourite pendant, albeit in a totally different colour combination. More of the gorgeous red glossy glass, a beautiful shaded gold and a very rich terracotta/burnt orange colour.

Off to start some new pieces, so hopefully there will be more pictures to add here toward the end of the week :^)
Have a good one!!

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