Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This week on eBay...

These are my six pieces that I have currently up for auction on eBay.

This very first one is using my "new to me" glass. I could not be happier with how this pendant finished up! I think it is my favourite one to date. There is so much happening in this little galaxy of glass. As well as drifts of teal dichro, there is a little hand made twistie (thanks Remy!!), three gorgeous little hand made murrini flowers from lori&kim and two other types of glass as well.
The next one is an engraved piece, also with little hand made murrini ~ funny how they look as different as chalk is to cheese!! The gold background in this one has awesome colour shifts!!

Two more engraved pendants.
The lightly textured sparkly glass in the first one shifts from a really pretty lavender/blue through to pink. This is definitely my favourite colour of all the crinklized dichroic glass.
The next one is a quite long triangle ~ because it is fairly narrow by comparison to the length, the overall effect isn't as big as you would think. I love how many different ways I can use these leaf shapes!

A Spicks and Specks pendant in a fabulous colour combo.
And lastly, I was asked to do a pendant in indigenous colours for a custom order and I love how these colours work together so I made a few more :^) This one has that gorgeous true glossy red in it that doesn't play nicely with the camera!!

That's it for the time being ~ have a great "rest of the week"!!!


Carassia said...

Wow! From this fab assortment, I like the first one best - it is so.... Different! Where on earth do you get your inspirations from!? MOMA and Louvre, obviously. You're a true artist!

lynette said...

Thank you Jutta <3 I think it's just a very strange place inside my head :^)