Sunday, November 14, 2010


My latest little batch of cabochons :^)
I had a very big smile when these came out of the kiln the other day. I'm seriously loving the effects of the "new" glass.
The first four here are the "old"
The two on the left look a bit more aqua here, but are actually a very soft almost Jacaranda blue with drifts of pink deep in the glass. These also have floaty bits of satin dichro over the glossy surface.
The one on the top right ~ the flowers are a bit of a deeper blue than you can see here and the background has a touch of lavender.

These next six are soooo pretty "for real"!!
This glass is quite tricky to work with and doesn't always react how you think it will, so no two pieces will ever be the same.
The fun part is you have a bit of an idea what is coming out of the kiln, but it's not until the end of the day when you open that door you get to see what magikal things have actually happened.
I love surprises!!

Just a little note about the pieces here on my blog ~ unless they are custom orders or auction pieces for eBay, they will ultimately end up in my ArtFire studio unless sold prior. If you see a piece that you would like (and it is still available) you can send me an email and either buy directly from me or have it as a "reserved for you" listing on ArtFire.
Also with the cabochons, some can be made into pendants with the addition of a bail, but there are a few that are suitable only for having a bezel of some description. If you have any questions, I'm only an email away.

Have a great Sunday!!!


Glen said...

Lyn - all of your work amazes me but the pieces with the new glass are truly incredible. I can just imagine the thrill you get when you open the kiln. Wish I was there to share that with you.

lynette said...

Thank you Glen :^)
It's a rush that's for sure!!
You'd get lost in the But it would be fun!