Saturday, November 20, 2010

My latest glass pieces......

These four pictures are all custom ordered earrings designed to match existing pendants.

Here I've been having a bit of a play around with a previous design.
Mostly rainbow colours with a stray one thrown into the mix!
What appears to be a darker blue in some of these pendants is actually violet.

And some more cabochons in the new glass.
I'm really loving these little guys and they are a TOTAL surprise when you open the kiln door ~ some of the colours change quite a bit at high temperatures!!
Just as well I DO like surprises!!


intrinsic_59 said...

Lyn, the effects of this glass is magic! I have recently bought 200 bucks worth of reactive and other104 rods for lampworking...trouble is I can't do anything with them until I order some sheet glass in the same is tight!!!
Is this how you achieved these awesome designs?...wanna share?
Love it!
Cathy from Intrinsic Designs

lynette said...

Thanks Cathy, FB message on it's way :^)

andre said...

Wow this is amazing looks really beautyfull never see something like this in my country. how do you do that ?

lynette said...

Thank you Andre, it's all just different types of glass that have been cut and pieced together and then fired in a kiln. Sometimes 3 or 4 times..