Saturday, November 27, 2010

My newest glass pieces...

Nearly all the pieces pictured here are just cabochons at the moment, albeit some quite large.
They are available "as is" so they can be used for bead weaving or wire wrapping, but can also have a gold or silver plated bail added so they can be worn as a pendant.
These first six are all pieced together and hand engraved. Two of them have CZ's set into them and two have a little dimensional bubble fired into place.

These next two pieces are actually brooches ~ my version of a Christmas tree :^)

And finally, more of my new favourite glass. I'm really loving playing with ideas and different combinations and seeing what amazing things come out of the kiln!! This really is FUN!!!

I just have one or two things to finish up and then it will be an early night for me I think.

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