Friday, November 26, 2010

Current eBay auctions...

These are my six latest auction eBay pieces that end on Sunday morning.
Five have been hand engraved and the sixth one is an absolutely stunning piece of glass!

This first one is another leafy one ~ very rich colours and very heavily engraved.
Next, this is not the greatest picture in the world ~ it doesn't even come close to showing the depth and layers in this pendant. It is big and beautiful!!

A quite large asymmetrical flower with a dimensional centre ~ the colours in this are so pretty.
Blue, purple, violet and silver ~ YUM!! I love these colours together and the glossy with the satin glass adds visual depth to this pendant.

Silver and copper together is another favourite combination. The little black bubbles work really well here and add textural interest.
And lastly my two favourite colours in the whole world ~ red and purple. I love this combo and this one is done in similar colours to a previous Fruit of the Vine pendant I did recently, just a different arrangement of glass and engraving.

A big day coming up!! Grinding, engraving, maybe some picture taking. I also have about 300 more emails to sort through, so if you haven't heard from me ~ I apologise in advance, I'm gradually getting there ~ I've had a wonderful time with my ISP and NO service!!

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