Monday, November 08, 2010


The six pendants pictured here are my newest auction listings on eBay.
I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite this week! I'm really happy with how they all have worked!!

A variation on my Falling Leaves pendant from a couple of weeks ago, this time I have added a few little sparkly bubbles and I'm loving the effect. And the colour is just gorgeous ~ it's from a variegated piece of glass, so highly unlikely to be repeated.
The next one has a heap of little hand made murrine over a clear section ~ these did not want to play nice for the camera, they are waaaay prettier for real. I really like the contrast between the engraving and the floral.

This next pendant was going to be something entirely different, but the muse dictated otherwise. I'm glad she did ~ it's that gorgeous deep red and looks stunning with the black and silver.
The 'almost' heart shaped one I have posted before, it's a fairly simple piece, but is really nice 'in the flesh'!! The blue washed out in the photo ~ it's quite deep in reality..

A variation of my Mosaic Garden' pendant from a while back, using the gorgeous 'glowing' orange glass I LOVE!!
And last but not least my Aquarium pendant. This took quite a bit of work figuring out and setting up this one. I'm very happy I persevered with it. It's waay cool ~ and pretty big!!

Now I'm off to pack a few orders and then (loosely) plan what is ahead of me this week....
I'm hoping for productive!
Have a great week :^) CYA

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