Saturday, November 06, 2010


I have some new pieces to share, albeit not huge amounts.
Some engraved pendants, some new cabs.
I seem to have been on a bit of a 'go slow' of late...don't know why that is ~ must be the planets or something!! I do know the kiln gremlins have been at it again ~ a few really silly mistakes this week and some serious glass trashed. Oh well ~ live and learn AND hopefully not do it again!!

These next four are very ordinary pictures of some very extraordinary glass.
If you could see these pendants for real and in the light you would be blown away.
Each one has at least five layers of glass and the first one has seven!!
As I was cold working it to get the shape you see here, the light play from my task lighting was awesome. I honestly couldn't put it down. It is probably the nicest multi layered pendant I have done to date.
OK ~ I'll stop waffling now :^}

Tricked ya!! I'm still
I know not everyone goes on Facebook so I'm reposting this here too. It's kinda interesting in a round about way....well, I thought so ~ I'm easily amused!!
Evolution of a design....sort of :^)
A friend commented yesterday on a picture I had drawn early last year,
nny thing ~ at exactly the same time I was working on the pendant pictured here.

It was really strange, not really Déjà vu ~ I don't know what you would call it, but it struck a cord somewhere ~ I thought it was quite eerie.
Then my other half made the comment "everything I do looks the same" and it got me to thinking. I went hunting through some old photo albums and found this picture ~ hand painted with glazes in a majolica technique on white earthenware.
.......I guess you can see where there are similarities, even though there have been a few changes over the years :^)
I don't remember when I did the platter but it was sometime last century!!! LOL.
So there you have it ~ an evolving design through different media :^)


Glen said...

Your work continues to amaze me Lyn ... absolutely extraordinary!!! I also love seeing how certain themes have emerged at different stages.

lynette said...

Thank you Glen.
Having found all my old photos I feel more may emerge too over the coming months :^) It will be fun seeing what will translate into this medium!!

weirdlywired said...

What Glen said! Although there are similarities, there are changes too. It makes your work recognizable without it be repetitive.

lynette said...

Thanks heaps Angie :^)