Wednesday, October 27, 2010


After almost two years of procrastination, thanks to a reminder and a bit of a shove from a couple of friends ~ my silvermoonlyn store on ArtFire is finally up, running and open to all :^)

It's a little bit different to how eBay works, especially for those of us 'downunder'.
All listings are in US$ , but you can click on whatever amount you are seeing and will it come up with an option to convert it to your currency.
Check out is still in US$ though.
You will find my prices over there are pretty much the same as my blog prices here were.
I have cabochons available as well as pendants ~ not a lot to start with ~ but I'm working on some great pieces at the moment. I'm hoping to upload more by the weekend.
Most pendants will be listed 'without' the necklaces, but I will have those available too.

So if you're in the neighbourhood ~ please stop by. I'd love to see you over there :^)

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