Saturday, October 30, 2010


These are some of the new pieces that will be going to ArtFire over the next couple of days.
I've only just finished the photos so at this point of time I haven't even measured them.
As some of you may know I have had a totally 'stuffed' shoulder for a while, so it's been do a bit, have a rest etc. etc. I must admit, it is getting less painful and I'm quite happy to just take it a bit easier at the moment :^)
I will list a few each day until I catch up and then I'll hopefully have more finished and I'll start again.

These next four are from my newest delivery of glass ~ the glass is amazing but it fires up with a lot of tiny little bubbles. It's not a firing fault like it usually would be ~ it's in the actual glass. They even have a name for them ~ 'champagne bubbles'!!
These colours are waaaaay more vibrant than the stupid camera would show! the two that look dark blue are actually a deep purple/violet colour and the second one is a brilliant turquoise and teal.

And lastly a collective photo of some of the cabs that are coming ~ these are still to be edited and measured yet ~ I just plumb ran out of daylight!

Well that's it for now ~ I'm off to have my dinner and chill for a bit :^)
I might even go to bed early...
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


NEDbeads said...

Stunning, Lyn!!!! I'm just drooling over the long curved cab .... I hope you are having a lovely weekend, too!!

BeadsForever said...

Your work is gorgeous! Boy would I love to take some lessons from you! Fabulous!