Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm actually waaay ahead of myself here ~ I have a few quiet moments, so thought I would add these pictures before the brain freezes on me again.
These are the six new pieces I listed at auction this morning on eBay.

The very first one is my Star flower design, but with a bit of a difference. I have added coloured glossy glass and I really love how this one has worked!!
Next I have another 'sort of' garden pendant. This is one of those pieces I like everything about it! The shape, the colours, the engraving. Some days things just do go exactly like the picture in your mind. Unlike the pendant from last

A swirls and curls pendant ~ gorgeous colours and very vibrant!
A different version of my Rainbow again. I'm very happy with this! I love the asymmetrical shape.

This 'not so little' engraved bubbles piece really has an opal look about it.
And my final piece ~ playing around with an idea I had, and very happy how it has come together. The glass I have used is an absolutely gorgeous colour, but it's one of those that really doesn't play well with the camera.

Well off to put the lamb roast on for dinner and might just chill out for the rest of the day/night with a G&T or two......

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