Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm having a war with my blog!! Hopefully third time is the charm. I do NOT like their new editor ~ stupid pictures just won't go where they're supposed to :^(
So I'll just persevere with the 'old' blog editor until they get it right!!

Firstly this week are a couple of orders.
The first one is a brilliant red dichroic glass heart that has been overlaid with a crystalline pattern in bright gold ~ the colour of this is amazing! There are little square earrings set on point to match.
This next octagonal pendant looks like it is blue. It ISN'T!! It is the most gorgeous shade of lavender ~ exactly like the little flowers. It was supposed to be more plum coloured and I had a feeling this might happen, but this is the colour the last shipment of glass came in. Sometimes working in glass can be very frustrating!!

Next I have some new cabochons, all with gold added :^)
there are more of these on their way too.

I haven't done any bracelets for ages and a lovely customer reminded me about them the other day, so here are three new ones. Isn't it amazing the difference in colours between the uncapped satin finish and those with a clear glass cap? There are a couple of extra colours in the glossy one, but the rest are the exact same colours as in the first one.

The very last piece here is to show a friend that the pictures I see in my head aren't necessarily what comes out of the kiln!! I'm not quite too sure what I WAS thinking!!!LOL.

Well, that's it from me for now ~ I've only be able to do very small blocks of time at any one thing this week, so it's been pretty slow going. My shoulder has totally had the gong at the moment and I'm trying to rest it as much as I can!

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