Thursday, October 21, 2010


These are my six pendants currently at auction on eBay.
I'm having a little bit of a problem trying to sort this all out tonight!  When I changed the blog colours over, I changed the editor as well.  I think I may have to see about getting the old one back ~ everything seems to be jumping all over the page with a mind of its own.....

My first pendant here is another stylized tree of life one.  This really does have a gothic feel to it!!
The colours are waaaaay more moody for real!!
Following this one is a cute little window one.
The colours are quite bright and I love the shape. What looks like clear glass in the centre is quite sparkly purple dichroic glass.

This next oval one is that amazing red glass again, this time with shades of purple ~ yummm!!!
Now for some strange reason this long narrow one doesn't look as long as it is in real life ~ silly camera angle I'm guessing (?) I think I took about 10 pictures of this trying to capture how sparkly the glass was ~ not a lot of joy there! Nonetheless it is a gorgeous pendant and the pictures definitely don't do it any favours  :^(

The colours in this next pendant are stunning!!  More swirly engraving and a bit of glossy glass for good measure,
And finally my Falling Leaves pendant. Not that I've ever seen leaves this colour mind you!! Well, maybe pretending ones...LOL. This has quite a deep coloured background which really gives this an almost 3 dimensional look.  The pink leaves really 'pop'.

Now I'm off to bed ~ I was going to stay up late and cut some more glass, but I am soooooo tired I think it would be me being cut, NOT the glass!!
Goodnight world  :^)

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