Saturday, October 09, 2010


As per a few requests I have had in recent times, here are a heap of little dichro cabs. They are all fairly simple ones, just pretty glass and interesting shapes.
These could be used for wire~wrapping, silver~smithing, PMC or beading.
The cabs in the first ten pictures are all under an inch in length, so not particularly big and all under $8.00 each.

This first heart was supposed to be for an order to match a pair of earrings I had already done ~ Wrong :^( Way too much gold and not enough red showing. It's still a beautiful pendant, but it's back to the cutting board for the other.
The white one is one I had cut but not finished until now and is overlaid with silver.

A set in 'hot pink' for another order. These are as pink as I can get them C.W. Not a hint of purple here :^)

I haven't done anywhere near what I thought I might have this week with Gary being away. Cutting glass when you are really tired and not 100% is really hard going ~ not to mention a bit of a health risk ~ blood really does make a mess and glass cuts never seem to want to stop bleeding :^)
I'm still trying to catch up on the missing sleep and might have an early night.
That way I'll be up bright and early and rarin' to go!! That's the intention anyway :^)

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