Sunday, October 10, 2010


I thought I'd get in early with my newest auction pieces :^)
These have all just started on eBay ~ running for seven days.
With the exception of the very last one, I seem to have a bit of a floral theme running.

Another dimensional flower one, I think the black background on this really makes the colours 'pop'!! It's gorgeous for real :^)
The next has just a touch of dimension with the little bubbles. And it's very purple!! YUM!!

A big triangular one ~ a bit tropical looking ~ the colours together look really cool.
Another of my spliced glass ones. I really love how the satin glass I have used here has this glow about it, that makes it look like there is a light inside somewhere.

A little multi~layered one ~ this has lots more colour than the pictures show!!
And lastly, not even vaguely flowery!! A really simple colour combination that just works brilliantly. This is absolutely stunning in real life. I think I may have to do another one (BIGGER) for me :^)

That's it for now :^)
Have a great week!!
I'm off to pack orders and then might do some drawing for a change of pace.

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