Saturday, October 16, 2010


Funny how some weeks you seem to go absolutely flat out, you get really excited about what comes out of the kiln, and then at the end of the week you really wonder 'what on earth did I do'...LOL.
This is one of those weeks :^) LOTS & LOTS of 'almost' finished pieces.
Now if the magikal glass grinder fairy comes in while I sleep ~ there will be HEAPS of pictures next week!
Most of the pieces pictured here are for custom orders.

I'm very happy with this round rainbow pendant ~ the colours in real life look fantastic.
Next earrings to match an existing pendant ~ these were going to be purple ones, but I have 3 pair fired not even remotely similar in colour to the pendant. Glass really is quite fickle sometimes :^)
Nonetheless I love these ~ I hope TM does too.

Now this set was supposed to be a different shape and a slightly different colour.
What can I say? The kiln gremlins got me on the colour and 'I' got a bit carried away on the glass

These next four little babies are for a lady in New Zealand to have a look at :^)
They are all approximately 34mm across x 30mm long.
I love these little guys!! So cute :^)

These are not the greatest photos of two gorgeous pieces of glass.
Experiments with the new glass ~ I'm slowly getting the hang of it and loving it!!

Did you notice the new colour scheme? What do you think?
A bit softer, easier on the eye maybe....
They say a change is as good as a holiday ~ I guess this is my holiday!!!

AND LASTLY.... do you like my new bumper sticker???
I thought it was killer!!

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NEDbeads said...

Love ALL of your creations!! Of course!!! I snorted at your bumper sticker :) And I want to follow your blog, but I can't find a "follow" for google blogger, darn it!