Saturday, August 07, 2010

A very strange week with lots of running around and not a lot of work getting done.
I finally got a much needed hair cut.
Went to the most incompetent doctor I think I have ever had the misfortune of meeting ~ absolutely hopeless!!
I have new glasses ~ YAY ~ I can see again ~ sort of. They don't seem to be too good for the computer though.
Bought the best socks ever from a great eBay seller called Tony @ South Australian Hosiery
They are fantastic if you have bad circulation ~ they don't have tight elastic, they're mostly cotton and they have cushioned soles ~ mmmmmmmmm, warm and toasty!!!
AND ~ the best news!! We've finally got another car ~ well we will have Tuesday. No more waiting for Gary to come home so I can do stuff ~ I get my car back :^) It's been over a year since the van decided it wasn't going to play nicely and finally ~ it is going!! Don't know where yet ~ don't really care...LOL. Just gone will be great!!

OK ~ Enough dribble from me Onto glass related things :^)
Most of these pieces had been started just not finished. I did manage to make some lovely ones for my auctions tomorrow and have nearly finished all of my orders even though the kiln gremlins got me big time too with three fine silver Tree of Life pieces ~ I had a bit of a mishap and had to start over....Was not happy Jan!! Ah well ~ that's the way it goes sometimes...

A couple of pairs of Pick~Up Stix earrings.

Dimensional pieces, some engraved, some just simple stripes.

Trying something a little different (sort of). I wanted to do something that was less obviously "feminine". There are a few males out there that do wear pendants and this is just playing with an idea that could suit. The first one here has an antiqued sterling silver bail ~ it's very simple and not particularly "fussy". The second one I may yet drill, refire and wire up too.
Any feedback/comments would be most welcome thank you :^)

And lastly, two ordered pieces.

Well that's it from me for now ~ we were up very early this morning and I'm thinking an early night might just be the plan!! Later 'gator.......

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Anonymous said...

hey, jenny here, love the man stuff - buggar them, I'd wear them !! Great news about your car too, Love the colour in the first pendant xx