Thursday, August 05, 2010


I'm running a bit behind this week and just remembered I needed to upload these pictures..whoops!
These are the six pendants I currently have listed for auction on eBay this week.
I almost have a bit of a floral theme going on here :^)
The first one has layers and layers of glass and is so much prettier than the picture. It really does look like a little watercolour painting.
My engraved star flower is a previous design revisited with a bit of a variation in the engraving ~ I really like how this one worked.

Could be more parasols, could be dandelion flower heads :^) I've gone with the dandelions, even if it is pink and purple.
This funny little abstract one I really love ~ it's a neat shape and the colour shifts are fantastic.

A very, very simple Art Deco style ~ the colour is incredibly intense for real!!
And lastly, relatively simple in design ~ but a stunning pendant!!

That's it for now ~ cheers *(^0^)*

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