Thursday, August 12, 2010


These are the six pieces up for auction at the moment on eBay.

This first one is really pretty. Quite subtle but gorgeous colours.
The next engraved one is VERY dramatic for real. I really love how I can incorporate what I do with pen and ink into my glass and I LOVE drawing little spirals and line work :^)

I'm really liking this dagger shape, it is waaay cool. The pinks in this one have an unbelievable glow ~ really stunning!
Back to a bit more subtle (for dichro!) ~ this is quite a big fan shaped pendant and it just didn't want to play nice for the camera ~ it's much nicer "for real"!!

The round one next is "drop dead gorgeous"!! Well, I think so. It almost looks like the glass has a light behind it ~ when it came out of the kiln I was quite surprised and VERY pleased at how the colours did look.
And lastly, a pretty pink moon shape with a hand made bail. I love everything about this pendant ~ the colours, the shape, the little platinum stars :^) This is basically the same bail as the piece from last week, but polished to shiny silver, not antiqued.

I personally love the wired in bails ~ but I would love to hear what others think.
And on the subject of feedback ~ here's another question for you :^)
What would you like to see more of?? Is there something that appeals more than others? Different shapes? Certain colour combos?
Any and all feedback would be most appreciated!!

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