Saturday, July 03, 2010


Just a fleeting visit tonight, a few pendants to share and some new earrings I've been fluffing around with :^)
Most of the pieces that I have been working on this week are custom orders and they're just not quite finished yet ~ hopefully pictures won't be too far away.

I'm a bit in slow motion at the moment as I've been having a bit of an issue lately with seeing properly (I can't!!) ~ and can now really only work in natural daylight ~ a trip to the optometrist is on the cards again ~ the new glasses upgrade has come around very fast this time!!! It's only just 12 months since my last new pair! The joys of getting old! ha ha...
I think I may have to call it an early night and go and curl up under the big fat quilt just to get warm! It's a mite chilly here..I know I'm a wuss, I don't really ~ I can't love cold weather!! lol.

Three dimensional, one glossy and satin dichro, all engraved...

And these are the new earrings I've been playing around with ~ very long and slender ~ about 9.5mm wide x 49mm long. They are as light as a feather :^) So far there are only just the three colours, but I'm thinking they may be a bit of fun so will look at doing lots of other colours too.
Hmmmmmm, anyone got any ideas for a name for them??

Well, that's it for me tonight I think.... good night all :^)

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