Tuesday, July 06, 2010


My newest pendants listed on eBay now and finishing next Sunday morning.
Five out of the six are engraved :^)
The rainbow fan is a favourite shape and the colours in this one are truly iridescent in real life!
The amber flowers ~ very sparkly for real.

The Solitaire didn't really photograph very well ~ the colours seem to flare, no matter how many pictures I took. It has great colours!
The next one is a strip pieced "patchwork" piece. Fiddly to do, but a little bit of fun.

For some reason I think these bubbles pendants all have a strong Art Nouveau feel to them ~ I love making them :^)
And lastly ~ this is a big one ~ it was calling out for a wire frame ~ there was no way I would trust a glue on bail here!! It's a very substantial pendant & much more intense than the photo.

OK ~ coffee break's over ~ back to cutting glass for me :^)

*Lot's more pictures to come in the next day or two, just have to finish measuring them all up.

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