Friday, July 02, 2010


Rather belatedly , here are this week's pieces that are finishing at auction on eBay on Sunday morning.
I did remember, then I got busy and forgot, then remembered again, forgot WHOOPS.
The first bubbles one is a whopper! I really love this one ~ even though it is white, there is so much colour and think it might just bear repeating for me :^)
Another rainbow one ~ much more intense "in real life".

The red and purple is to die for!! My two favourite colours in the world together.
The pink and white was an experiment I an VERY happy with, but I must say black enamel is a PITA sometimes. It's a bit tricky to use to get a good black covering ~ it's a shame a Nikko wouldn't work ~ that would be so cool ~ not to mention EASY!! I'm really loving these wired bails too!

The flower murrine make two appearances again this week. First another spicks and specks one and then in my little floral bouquet.
I love how this looks very modern yet a bit olde worlde at the same time.

That's it for me now ~ hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a few new pieces.
Fingers are crossed the sun puts in an appearance so I can take some pictures!! It is a very dull and dreary day here in sunny old Queensland . . . ha ha

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