Monday, June 14, 2010


These are the six pendants I have up for auction at the moment on eBay.
Five of them are hand engraved in one form or another, the other is a combo of dichroic and my favourite hand made art glass.
I am extremely happy with how all of these came out of the kiln and funnily enough again most of them are not colours I would normally choose for myself.
I can just imagine the lemon gelati bubbles pendant on a longer cord over a high neck black top ~ it would look absolutely stunning! I think I need to get fusing lots more little bubbles ~ I'm really loving these pendants!!
AND I might just try the leaf pendant in a combo of pinks and purples for me ~ cool!

I was aiming to post these pictures on Sunday afternoon, but we've had a very busy weekend here and I just didn't get the chance. At least it is only Monday morning!
Have a great week ~ I'm off to cut more glass :^)

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