Saturday, June 19, 2010


Is what it has been for me with pieces for my blog and eBay.
I have quite a few orders for custom work, so that is what I am devoting a large portion of my time to :^)
The kiln gremlins were out in full force this week too!! A few of the pieces I attempted have ended up totally the wrong colours and I have had to order more glass from the U.S. so I can complete my orders.
Dichroic glass is a bit like knitting yarn ~ you never know from one batch to the next what colour it will be. It can be extremely frustrating!! But you do end up with lots of shades of the same colour and that can't be all

A few of the pieces here have been made for a little while ~ I just never got around to taking their pictures.
A couple more of my little bubble flowers ~ I love this pink with the pea green ~ it's a great combo.

Two engraved pieces ~ much, much nicer for real :^)

And from quite petite to rather large :^)
The very first one here will probably never be repeated ~ which is a shame because the picture doesn't do it justice, it's quite beautiful in a very understated way ~ if I knew what I did, I would do it again!! From memory it's been through the kiln about 5 times!
The second piece has heaps of colours you can't see ~lime green, blue, purple ~ it would NOT play nice with the camera.

More of my new glass ~ this reminds me of strange flower pods. Very cool.
And lastly, also new little flowers ~ this is quite large and full of gorgeous colours!

That's it for now ~ off to have dinner :^)

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