Saturday, June 12, 2010


More little bubbles and revisiting a previous style of pendant :^)

I also decided to revisit my patch work pieces ~ well one so far. This time though, instead of just the "puffy patchwork" I've add a touch of engraving. Best I get my books out and refresh the memory with different patterns.
The other piece was just playing with blocks of colour...

More of this gorgeous (well, I think so!) hand made glass. The dimensional ones could be little alien landscapes or brightly coloured tidal pools ~ schools still out on that one, although I think I'm leaning toward rock/tidal pools with barnacles or sea urchins or something like that :^)

Just a couple ~ playing with gold decals...

And these next ones and the earrings were a request ~ I'm really loving the purple with the glossy red. My two favourite colours!!

Well, it's half time at the footy ~ so I have just enough time to get a couple of listings done, then I think I'll make a coffee and watch the rest of the game. After that, if I'm still awake I'll finish whatever I have half done and then try and not have too late a night.
The "boys" have all gone to the drags, so I've got at least another couple of hours of peace and serenity!!! YAY!!!

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