Sunday, June 20, 2010


A quiet few seconds, so I thought I'd add these pictures while I had the chance :^)
These are the six pieces that started at auction this morning on eBay.
It just dawned on me four of these have little murrine or art glass additions ~ I'm thinking I really like playing with this glass!! Actually I just love playing with glass ~ period!!
As somebody from a different lifetime once said ~ I get to live my passion everyday ~ now, how lucky is that?? VERY I'd say!
I've also been playing with a bit of wire this week too, as the last picture will show. I haven't done my Tree of Life for ages, so thought maybe the time was right to do another.

I have another incredibly busy week coming up ~ glass of course ~ what else?
I'm aiming for no kiln gremlins and a nice steady flow of ideas ~ that'll do me nicely I think :^)
Have a great week!!

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