Sunday, June 06, 2010


Here we go ~ third time is the charm :^)
And yes, it's still only Sunday.
As mentioned previously there are just six auction pieces this week and here they be...

The first one is another many layered piece with the gorgeous little art glass pieces, this time in a deep orange and golden yellow. I'm working out of my colour comfort zone here, but I'm becoming more and more fond of these colours :^)
Then there is a simpler Art Deco one ~ gorgeous colour!!

Another of my Spicks and Specks pieces, this time in a heart shape, I'm quite liking this one too.
The second one here I LOVE!! Very definitely MY colours and patchwork quilt or techno equipment I was very happy when this came out of the kiln.

The copper one is BIG and the colours are amazing. As I said to a friend earlier, very soft and pretty during the day but really comes alive of a night time ~ so very unlike it's maker!! LOL...
The last one has more of the pretty little flowers I love and they really do seem to float on the glass...
I have just ordered a heap more in all different sizes and colour combos, so that will be fun when they arrive and I see what there is. They're always so very different. I think I'm addicted!!

Now I'm going to do something totally different (NOT) and go and cut some glass!!
Have a great week!!

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