Saturday, June 05, 2010


This going to be a case of hit and run again tonight ~ it's been very early starts and late finishes for a couple of days now and as it has a habit of doing ~ it catches up eventually!!
What a week it's been!!
Gary is not well ~ he's fighting off some sort of cold virus thingy and is waaaaaaaaay grumpy!!
A friend of mine sent me this gorgeous little book this week, it has all little sayings in it ~ mostly ragging on the males in our lives and there was one that was absolutely perfect!!
Kids get colds, men get flu, women get on with it!!

Now how true is that??? LOLOL...
I also made the most gorgeous pendant ever and promptly smashed it to bits!
Plus a couple of ordered pieces as well :^(
Glass + tiled floor = disaster city!!
It did look pretty though, lots of little sparkly bits all over the tiles, on the carpet, the kitchen bench, in my hair and in my shoes... LOL. All I could do was just stand there like a stunned mullet and look at it. It was one of those frozen in time moments!!
The upshot of it is ~ remaking orders, labour intensive ones at that ~ has left me without a lot of time to finish off the survivors. The little army awaiting the grinder is growing steadily once more :^)
I will only be listing 6 pieces for auction this week and I only have a dozen new pieces to share tonight. There are a lot waiting in the wings!!

The long golden flower pendant has been reduced by a bit over a 1/4 ~ I'm not 100% happy with it ~ there are a couple of blemishes on the flower petals, so if anyone is interested, just give me a yell!

The pendant on the left has one of the little flowers as a flower centre. I think it looks very sweet.

So now it is goodnight from me :^)
I'll be back tomorrow with my auction pieces ~ cheers...

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