Saturday, May 22, 2010


Here are the pieces finishing on eBay tomorrow morning.
Almost the eleventh hour!! I just realised that I had not added them to my blog :^( My bad!!
Most of these are quite large ~ I'm thinking I may have to do some smaller pieces in the near future as not everybody is "into" big like me!!
The first aqua/blue one is BIG and is so much more sparkly and beautiful IRL!
The big silver one was trying something a little bit tricky with the torch ~ it worked quite well I think ~ even though I keep forgetting glass in the flame gets very hot and I did have the blisters to prove it!!
The smallish bright orange bubbles one is amazingly bright for real!! I don't love orange as most of you well know, but I'm pretty stoked with how this one did work ~ it would look stunning against plain black.

OK ~ that's about it for now :^)
I'll be back later on tonight with more pictures...

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