Saturday, May 22, 2010


A couple of ordered pieces are in with this batch of pendants, the others are still on their way.
I did receive my delivery of glass that I was waiting on, but a couple of the colours were not as expected or wanted/needed!! GRRRR!!!! It's always the way though!!
One of these bubbles pendants is an order ~ just waiting to hear which one:^)

And these pink ones are for an eBay customer to choose from.

These next ones are using some of the new glass I got in last week.
I have had the little millifiore before, but these ones are hand made, not mass produced and the detail is awesome!
Unfortunately the first one has a bubble in the layers and even though it is not really visible, I don't feel that I can sell it. It's a shame as it was a really pretty piece.

And this glass is really different ~ I rather like it a LOT!! More colours to come, when I figure out how to use it to it's best advantage :^)

And last but not least ~ ANYONE FOR SUSHI???
This is just a trial/test piece (I turned it into a keyring) to see if I could make a piece of glass look like a piece of sushi. What do you think? Will it pass muster??

Now I'm off to watch the last half of the Dreamtime game at the G ~ the opening entertainment was pretty good, have a couple of drinks and then fall into bed and probably snore my head off!! LOL.
Goodnight world :^)

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