Saturday, May 15, 2010


These are the newest finished pieces I have ready to go.
I didn't have a hugely prolific week, but I am VERY happy with what I did get done this week.
There are quite a few more "in the works". I had 2 shipments of handmade art glass (not dichro) arrive during the week and I'm thinking it will be a fair bit of trial and error to get to where I am happy with how they combine with the dichroic glass as finished pendants. I am absolutely over the moon with this new glass and I am hoping you will be too :^)
All going well there may be glimpses next week (?).

More engraving, a couple of multi~layered ones, another of my little bubbles pendants and lastly a variation on a theme ~ these two are similar to my Solitaire one from last week but using different glass.

It looks like my blog entries ~ for the time being anyway, will be later than in the summer months. It is dark when I get up in the mornings now, so I am starting a lot later than I normally do. Which in turn means because of the lack of daylight, I am not finishing as early as I would prefer!
Once more it's long past the time I should be cutting ZZZ's, so goodnight ~ I'll be back bright and early tomorrow should anyone have any questions...

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