Saturday, May 08, 2010


VERY belatedly ~ here are this weeks auction pieces.
These are all finishing on eBay tomorrow morning.
Nearly all are engraved to some degree, the last one being the only stray in the group.

This is my newest favourite, a different take on my little engraved flowers ~ I love the simplicity of this one and am going to make a bigger version for me :^)

My peace symbol/flower power one will also be getting redone, but I'm thinking purple and lime green next time around. I was over the moon when this came out of the kiln ~ it looks for the world like one of my pen and ink drawings!!

All going well, I'll be back a bit later today with a few more pictures.

*and just a little note ~ I'm having issues with Big Pong again and apparently a lot of emails I have sent have disappeared into the ether, so I am only using my silvermoonlyn email addy at the moment. I apologise to those that think I haven't replied to them ~ I did, but the gremlins are at it again ~ I will keep trying to sort it out!! Sometimes technology is a right PITA!!!!

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